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Hunan Kemeida Electric Co., Ltd locates in Kemeida Road, Yueyang, Hunan, South China. The main products are: Electromagnetic Stirrer (EMS), Magnetic Stirrer, Lifting Electromagnet, Con-casting Mould, Electromagnetic Separator, Permanent Magnetic Separator, Cable Reel, Hose Reel, Lifting Magnets, Rectifier Controller, Assistant Equipments for power plants, Metallurgy and Environmental Equipments, etc. Kemeida has been approved to ISO9001 and CE since 2001. Our markets cover many fields, such as: metallurgy, machinery, electricity, transportation, mine and chemistry industry. Our products have been exported to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India and some other countries in the world.
Electromagnetic Stirrer(EMS)
electromagnetic stirrer EMS is used for improving quality of steel blooms or bars in CCM. Electromagnetic Stirrer can be placed inside or outside the mould. Macro effects, such as Equiaxed zone, porosity, segregation, surface quality etc can be greatly achive.
Ladle Slag Detection System (LSDS)
Ladle Slag Detection System LSDS is designed and manufactured for monitoring slag intensity in liquid steel during pouring from ladle to tundish. When slag intensity reaches the set value, alarms will be given and ladle gate can be closed in time.
Lifting Electromagnet (Lifting Magnet)
lifting electromagnet Lifting Electromagnet (Lifting Magnet) is used for lifting iron & steel scraps,billets, bars, blooms, coils, ect. It can be used in steel plants, ports and other industrial sites. It features large attracting force, deep magnetic penetration & long life.
High-efficiency Con-casting Mould
High-efficiency Con-casting Mould Con-casting Mould is the key part in continuous casting machine, in which liquid steel can be rapidly cooled and shell with a certain thickness can be formed.With Electromagnetic Stirrer,it can solve the problems like segregation, porosity.
Cable Reel
cable reel Cable reel is used for automatic reeling of cables on various types of moving equipments. It is suitable for portal cranes, transfer vehicles and transport systems. There are many types:spring, stall torque motor, hysteresis.
Separator (Iron Remover)
separator iron remover Used for removing tramp iron from free-flowing, non-magnetic, granular materials. Electromagnetic separator & Permanent magnetic separator are both available as well as belt conveyor separator. Tell me details when ordering.
Magnetic Lfiter(Lifting Magnet)
lifting magnet, magnetic lifter Without electric power consumption.Tremendous Magnet Capacity. Simple Lever Operation with Safety Lock Safe Working Load includes: 3 to 1 Safety Factor. Extremely Compact, Light, and Portable.
Tongs Grab
tongs grab No power consumption, no electromagnetic wave interference, reliable & safe in operation. This lifting tool can handle steel blooms without cooperation of workmen on the ground.
Xiong Danyu
Xiong Danyu
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